How to Use Kitchen Tiles in Your Kitchen Renovations

How to Use Kitchen Tiles in Your Kitchen Renovations

Are you updating your old kitchen to a new and exciting look? Or are you designing a new kitchen from start to finish? For either scenario, choosing the right kitchen tiles is going to make all the difference between liking your kitchen reno or loving it.

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Deciding Where to Tile

One of the first things you need to decide is where you want to use the tiling. Kitchen tiles can be used for backsplashes behind the stove or on the wall below the cabinets. Tiles can also be used to cover countertops and for flooring. 

Many homeowners use ceramic tile for kitchen flooring and then add a splash of color and styling to the rest of the kitchen. You can do this by using tiling as a splash guard by installing a band of tiles on the wall just above the countertop. This allows for easy cleaning and adds a modern look to your kitchen. Another popular look is ceramic tiling for kitchen islands or peninsulas, using tiles that create a focal point in the kitchen.

Kitchen Flooring

Tiles are a good option for kitchen flooring – they’re durable, water and stain resistant, and low maintenance, looking great for years to come. If you have a smaller kitchen, choose larger sized tiles to make the room look bigger. If you’re using tile elsewhere in the kitchen, choose colors and designs that either complement the other tiling or create a stylish contrast while still keeping in with your kitchen color scheme.

Match Kitchen Cabinets

You’ll have spent a lot of time and money choosing kitchen cabinets that define the “look” you’re aiming for. You’ll want your kitchen tiles to fit in with this look. One option is to select tiles that are cohesive with the cabinets, continuing with your color design and choosing beige or sand-colored tiles to go with dark wood cabinetry. Another option is to use color combinations that are from opposite sides of the color spectrum, creating a look that’s bold and unique.  

Tile Material

Another decision you’ll need to make about tiling is the type of material. The most popular choices are ceramic and porcelain because of their versatility – they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They’re also extremely functional. Both ceramic and porcelain are resistant to moisture and heat which is essential for tiles in the kitchen. Their smooth and glossy surfaces also make them easy to clean and give your kitchen a sophisticated and modern look.

The Final Look

Even if you’ve done most of the work for your kitchen renovation on your own, consider having a professional install your kitchen tiling. Poor installation not only looks messy, it can also lead to problems in the future, including moisture leaking behind the backsplash or tiles popping up that require a larger area to be repaired. Wisely invest in using companies such as Céramique au Sommet who can expertly help you choose and install tile, leaving your kitchen looking specular whether you’ve tiled walls, flooring, or both.